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Looking to gather information about the current state of the ISSAP. Late last year, it appears there is a disconnect between the training material and the actual test based on posts here. I wanted to consolidate and make a single thread for folks looking to chase it down. I'm looking to pick it up as a differentiator from other CISSPs. My background is extensive and I have a spaghetti array of other certs. I'm looking to see what the curveballs were so I can prep accordingly. 


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    Hey @sunto, I just wanted to mention that Infosec Skills has an ISSAP course with 16+ hours of content curated from our online boot camp. It's mostly in narrated PowerPoint format, so if that works for you, you might find this to be very valuable! We offer a 7-day free trial if you're interested - just follow the link here »

    Here's a quick screenshot of the topics we cover:

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    So, finding official training (like a bootcamp) seems to be difficult. I signed up for one but it was cancelled due to lack of participants. Seems like the concentrations require self-study, which is fine. But, it seems like others have been tripped up by content being included on the exam that were not referenced elsewhere. Can anyone confirm? 
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