Any Roadmap for a network security engineer to migrate skills to the cloud

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Im a computer science grad but it took me 7 years to finally find a focus on my course (I desperately wanted to be a musician) currently 31 and obviously have too little time not to have my map/course charted. 
After making up my mind to pursue this career, I've decided to rise fast also. I'm currently a CCNA.. With plans of network security... CCNP security>CASP+>cissp etc... I looooove network security... I also manage network security with Checkpoint firewalls. But in IT I gotta be very observant and move with the trends (especially bcos I've already wasted too much time before jumping back into the industry and can't afford further slacking) ... So I know networks are going to the cloud.. I'm trying to be prepared b4 my skills become obsolete, I'd like to migrate my skills and see how I can take it to the cloud.

My Research:
So far I've been able to Google my way and discover that aws is the most valuable cloud certification in the industry (followed by azure catching up drastically, then google). I also tried to find a niche for my goals and arrived at two certifications that kinna match my criteria namely 

1. "AWS Certified Security - Specialty"

2. "AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty" 

1. Are there any vendor neutral alternatives that are desirably equivalent in industry values & demand? That will make me generally employable (just cos I hate interviews that go like this "well we don't use Cisco devices so how do you fit in..") ..I've actually had interviews like that with my CCNA and CCNP in view. Although since I'm a noob in the cloud infrastructure, I know nothing like Jon snow.. Lol and I'll gladly take advice from experienced professionals 

2. I see in the prequisite for AWS advanced networking specialty, I need to have an associate in either AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate or AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate. Which would be a perfect prerequisite fit for my ambitions? 

3. Starting with a CCNA, and heading for the two desired AWS certifications (or vendor neutral alternatives maybe), how do I chart my course... Ie... Suggested Certification tracks (both vendor neutral and vendor specific... Required knowledge, experience etc... 

4. Are my ambitious too far for now? 

5. Do I need prior knowledge in datacenter? Should I take the CCNA cloud? 

Thank you as you all drop your recommendations I most certainly appreciate.


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    I'd like to address a couple points. First, realize that a "cloud" is just someone else's servers/network. To think that network engineers are going obsolete because cloud computing is gaining traction is just not true in the immediate future at least. 

    Second, it's good that you are paying attention to the market and realize that cloud skills are in more demand. I'd recommend AWS along with some automation/scripting skills.
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    There are no longer  prerequisites for AWS speciality and professional certifications
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    Why not just look up jobs you want and see what certifications they are asking for?   Personally I don't like mapping out cert paths and thinking they will lead to positions.  A lot of certs out there managers don't even care for or know what they even are.   Then, there is technology and certifications constantly changing. 

    For question number 2, " I need to have an associate in either AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate or AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate. Which would be a perfect prerequisite fit for my ambitions? "  
    Wouldn't you just read what the exams cover and go after the one that seems like something you want to learn more about?   Could be both exams... 

    Sorry, if I come off harshly.  I need some afternoon coffee today!
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