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Hi there!! I am a total SQL beginner. I was exposed to SQL at work and so far really enjoy it! I would like to get more training and eventually get some certifications. It looks like most of the training centers offer 3-5 days of training but I think I would need more like 4-6 weeks. So here is my question...does anyone know if there is any online training that is instructor-led? Thanks for your input!


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    I'm not sure if you're going to find any instructor led training online for free. There are companies out there that offer online training but some are costly. You should check out udemy. To brush up on my MS SQL skills for a new job, I signed up for a couple of classes. I think they were $10 each. I didn't look around for Oracle.
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    Personally - if it's online - I don't really see the value of it being instructor led - try something like this -

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    You might want to check out Udemy, they have sales on their courses regularly.  I have purchased a few of the beginner Oracle DBA courses, but unfortunately haven't had time to start.  
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    Also, check   https://www.w3schools.com/sql/default.asp wonderful resource for beginner level SQL practice.  
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