Exams 103 and 104 one week apart

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Hi, the testing centers near me dont have much availability for these exams.option to recv
My original plan of action was to do 103 at the start of July and then 104 at the end of August.
However there are no dates available in July and only two in August which are the 20th and the 27th.

I read somewhere that the option to receive the LPC-1 certificate having passed Linux+ (powered by LPI) ends in the next few months. Can anyone confirm when?
This is driving me to trying to pass 103 and 104 as soon as I can.

So basically I'm just wondering if a complete novice to Linux should push on and schedule the exams for the two dates above and at the sametime get the LPIC-1. Or is this cutting it a bit tight?
Or should I just do the first exam on August 20th and the second exam the month after meaning I dont get the LPC-1

In terms of study I work fulltime but could manage 1 to 2 hours per week night. 3 or 4 hours for both Saturday and Sunday. I already have my notes written out for exam 103

Thanks for any advice



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    I just passed the LX0-103 earlier this week but failed the LX0-104 this morning! :'(
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    This page ( https://certification.comptia.org/certifications/linux ) says the previous version is available until October 1.

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    Like LonerVamp said, you have till Oct 1. Take your time to study
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