Passed Today info inside

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scroll down to last post for info.Thanks to those who took time to get this site going.


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    not Raid so much as SAN and NAS. icon_cool.gif
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    Taking network + tomorrow or friday(work schedule pending).I will report out my score and any helpful info after i take the test.Wish me luck
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    Yes, you can be sure we ALL wish you the best of luck!
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    Passed today with a 609 score.This is not the score i wanted but i passed( I feel my book might of been outdated or the questions the way they were worded hurt my score)

    Know all the IEEE standards

    Know Novel/Linux(More of these than i hoped for)

    Know common ports Smtp,DNS,Pop3

    Know wireless standards

    Know your cable limits(lots of theses)

    Know Raid info(couple questions)

    Know netstat/Nbstat/Nslookup and what the results look like(several questions)

    Know crossover / Straight through cables

    Know what hardware works on the osi layer

    Know mac address which part is which

    IPv4/IPv6(1 or 2 questions0

    Know loopback address

    All single answer questions

    No pictures

    1 or 2 fiber questions

    know security and PPTP and firewall info

    I used Mike Meyers all in one Network plus.

    I used online study guides(i must admit i just skimmed through this sites notes.I found the site late and had scheduled my test)
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    Hey, It's a pass and that's the score I'm hoping for! If I thought I was capable of getting a 609, I'd stop studying now and take the test tomorrow.


    and great job on the heads up!

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