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This might be a stretch but if I worked as a Corrections Officer and a Probation Officer before my transition to IT - could that work experience be used for the CISSP?


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    You might find a bit of use from your prior physical security employment, which is definitely better than starting from scratch. Looking at the 8 domains on the CISSP, physical security would fall into both Asset Security and Security Operations. I found this article online that goes into more depth on what each domain focuses on.

    CISSP Domains:
    1. Security and Risk Management
    2. Asset Security
    3. Security Architecture and Engineering
    4. Communication and Network Security
    5. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    6. Security Assessment and Testing
    7. Security Operations
    8. Software Development Security
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    Daneil3144Daneil3144 Member Posts: 152 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Jason Dion who teaches this over at https://diontraining.com/ told me it does...

    " Actually, yes. It counts under physical security. I’ve seen many cops and military police use that for part of their experience. You still need one of the other domains too though.

    I have validate at least 50 CISSP candidate resumes personally and all of the cops and security guards got accepted "
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    Limited at best I would think. It would be a tough domain but as with lots of these things, it depends on exactly what you did and how you wrote it up. For others - don't assume that all cops do the same thing. The role of someone working in cybercrime investigations is going to be a lot more relevant than someone who only uses a computer to write up arrest reports.
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    I spoke to a local (ISC)2 rep here in the Denver area and the conversation went to what my past military experience was.  When I mentioned having been both a cop and an airfield manager involved with emergency (disaster recovery) management, she said that I just needed to study for and take the exam, as the experience I had would not cause any red flags during the endorsement/vetting process.  Take it with a grain of salt, of course, as things may change at a moments notice.
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