Passed SANS GNFA exam (FOR572)

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I did the course in January this year and as with all Sans courses (I think) you have 4 months in which to take the exam.  I honestly did not really enjoy the course that much, potentially as after day one I found it very difficult to keep up and I realised quite quickly that looking through network packets is not my thing!  

Anyway, I got through the 5 day course and didn't go to the 6th day Capstone challenge as I was just fed up and wanted to leave.

I didn't do any studying for about a month and contemplated just not bothering as I just couldn't face opening the books.

Anyway, I did start and created my index.  I slowly got the idea and realised that to basically put down EVERY unique word you see, http.response, port mirror, arcsight, anything and everything as it's so easy then to look up in the books the right material.

I did the whole index and re-read the books.  

I did do 4-5 of the labs again but I really didn't enjoy it and I couldn't face them.  

Anyway, today I managed to pass the exam with 80%.  
My first mock I got 52% (that was without any studying)
My second mock about a week ago I got 72%

It was easier than expected.  At times I felt I was cheating as it would ask me a question and I'd immediately look up the answer using my index.  

I'm glad it's out the way.

I have the GREM exam in about 2-3 months time (Reverse Engineering of Malware).  I enjoyed that course a lot more so hopefully the studying will be easier.!

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