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Whats up y'all, in about 1 week im going to take the CCSP exam. I'm about 8 years of Cyber Security experience but it has mostly been on risk management and the RMF stuff, not alot of technical stuff. I took the SSCP and passed it recently and this is next on the list. 
I am curious about the required knowledge level of this exam and how deep it goes. Ive read the normal sybex book and am in the process of the ITProTV video series. 


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    Thanks everybody, in 1 hour and 30 minutes I will start the test. Honestly...I would not be upset if I failed. I have read many forums about how difficult the test is and that the pass rate is very low. I have read the CBK 3 times and I did well on the sybex practice test, (I received a hard copy  last night in the mail after a 3 day delay, but aleast amazon apologized). I went straight to the exam one 125 question. I got 15 wrong. I can tell you I missed those because I did not read the question correctly. If the sybex practice test book mimics the isc2 question strategy, then I will be fully prepared to dissect the question and fully understand it as well as looking for key words. I thank sybex for preparing me on that. In these last critical minutes I will go over the OWASP. I do not have my CISSP. Reading the forums, I have come to an understanding that a majority of test takers that take the CCSP are already CISSP certified, they have attested that there is very much material that is repeated from the CISSP, so in a way, pass or fail, I still look at this as a way of studying for the CISSP, I hate the feeling that I wasted my time, so this works out for me. If they are not CISSP certified, the only reason they are taking the test is because it was offered through WGU for free (this is my case). I will return upon the conclusion of my test, with my result as well as a brief summary of my experience so that I can provide advice for others, the same way this community has provided advice for me. Thanks to all of you.

    In the mean time, I prepared with the following material: ISC2 CCSP CBK (read 3 times),
    125 questions from the sybex practice test,
    briefly scanned the stupid CSA v4,
    read the OWASP,
    and reading forums from this community 
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    Good luck on the exam!  finger crossing, you will ace the exam.  As you said; please, do share your exam experience with us.
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    So yeah I failed it, When I was taking the test I felt like I did really well. The questions were not very long and I was able to eliminate many of the options based on common sense and basic IA terminology, I did not get a single question about the ISO standards which I was really looking forward to, nothing about SOC. I got one questions about the legality of Privacy and that was it. There The entire test took about 2 hours, and that was because I felt like it was easier than it really was so I REALLY tried to find some trick words or something but like I said, the questions were very simple and straight forward. I thought I was going to pass with an above average score, but when I got the print out, I was not even close to passing. I was above proficiency for Cloud Platform and Infra Sec. and near proficiency for legal and Compliance, and below proficiency for everything else. I was really taken back. There has to of been something I misunderstood. 
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    Hi, sorry to hear you missed the mark - it's a pain from a time and financial perspective but no shame as a ton of us failed it before ultimately passing. From my experience the exam requires three things (1) the CCSP books provide the baseline cloud security knowledge (2) your experience in the IT industry around risk, privacy, security, governance and even project management (3) understanding of the ISC2 way of asking questions, understanding what is being asked for by reading and re-reading the question. 
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    Sorry to hear you didn't pass this time but hope you don't give up. I think I read that you only did 125 practice questions - if so I think you might have missed a trick there. You need to be doing a lot more than that in my opinion. With the official study guide I think you get access to 1000, do all those at minimum before retaking.
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    Were you answering those QAs from management or technical perspective? My understanding is that even for CCSP you have to answer those questions from the management perspective.
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    When are you planning to retake the exam? I am taking the test on August 6.
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