Is beneficial or just fluff?

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Does this site have any any benefits or is it just something nobody in HR or recruiters use?


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    I have no idea how many people use it but I linked it to my linkedin profile so anyone could see a quick verification.
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    Personally I used it on Linkedin. It doesn't cost anything and provides validation of certification which I think is important. As far as if recruiters look at it or HR I'd say probably not, they want your resume. If you lie on your resume and get caught you miss out on the job.  
    I think its a useful service to add to your Linkedin, it's free so I dont see much of a downside  
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    I think it's fluff, but it might provide back-end information and easier searching for people with cert X for all I know.

    That said, it makes managing my cert information easier when the cert provider integrates with Acclaim. I basically get an email, hit a few buttons, and done. And it allows someone to easily click my cert and trust the details, rather than just whatever I put into LinkedIn.

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