GCIH Material

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I am currently eager to improve my Incident Response skills, seems to be my favourite part within the field.

Although my career is shifting towards a higher level I am eager to be solid in Incident Response activities

I am CISSP, CISM, CCSP, CEH & CCNA Security in addition to other certificates like CCNP-RS, ITIL in addition to others.

GIAC seems to be getting a great reputation, unlike EC-Council, however the exam fees are really putting me off, it is way too much for a certification at the end of the day.

So I basically decided to go through the material and just have the knowledge and the mindset without the certification, as I already have enough to attract employers.

So what material do you suggest for GCIH?
Preferably mixed material, videos and books. Would prefer books that are as brief as possible and another detailed one to refer to in the areas I need to improve in or have an interest to do further readings about.


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