Share your Tips & tricks to Qualify PMP Exam in 1st attempt

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    If you understand everything in the doc, you have a good chance at passing on the first attempt. How long have you been a project manager?

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    Most people fail the first time because at the real exam you have 1 min 20 seconds per question maximum. And that's the best case scenario, if you don't take a single break. So people either have not enough time or can't focus so that they never read a question twice. And some of these questions are super long. The trick is to learn how to answer different types of questions like a machine, fast and correctly. And you can do that ONLY if you practice answering these questions. If you answer hundreds and hundreds of them. Practice to the point, when you start recognizing the questions. that's the trick
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    Some have practiced using thousands of questions and have worked/practiced on the pace of answering the questions. This help avoids the panicking during the exam.
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