CISA - My result and study method

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Hi all,

As a background, I have the CISSP and CRISC, and more than 5 years of experience in information risk and cybersecurity.

I received my result for the CISA exam that I have passed this month (May 19). I spent a bit less than 2 hours in the exam center.

Exam Result: Pass (May 2019)    Overall Score:     693
     Job Practice Area    Scaled Score
     The Process of Auditing Information Systems    724
     Governance and Management of IT    701
     Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation    678
     Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management    686
     Protection of Information Assets    678

I studied during 1 month, I used 2 resources: the official CISA book and the QAE, while reading the book I spent nearly 30 hours in the QAE. I took notes and reviewed them regularly (like I do for other certs). The exam is nearly as the same difficulty as the QAE, so if you perform well doing it you should be fine.

Hope this helps, good luck to everyone attending this exam.


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    Thanks for the review, and congrats on the pass! What's next for you then, do you have another cert in mind?
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    Congrats on the pass!!!
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    Thanks guys, next cert will be GCCC as I will be attending the related SANS course next week (as work study), then after I will tackle the CISM. After that I may pursue an hands-on cert such as CSX-P or OSCP
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    my result for the CISA exam that I have passed this month (May 26).The overall score is much lower than you.

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    Congrats! Where are you from?
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    Thanks, I am from Switzerland
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    I see. I sat for the exam in the Philippines and got the same overall scaled score. High five!
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