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So, I've been in IT doing Various things for several years. I am MCSE Security, CEH, Sec +, Net + and A+ Certified. I Really don't have any Desire to be in Management. I am Definitely more of a Hands-on person. I think from what I've read the CISSP is more of a management Cert. If that's the case then that would take that out of the equation. But not sure which one, CySA or CASP, I should tackle first? Any thoughts... Future plans for Certs are CASP, CySA, Linux+, OSCP, 
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    I know plenty of CISSP holders that are not in management, myself included. Having the cert gives you a better understanding of the overall security objectives of the organization and not just on the technical level. It's also a better return on investment compared to the others.

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    It's Definitely not out of my complete perspective. I was just more focused on the Technical Sided Ones, as that's where I currently am in my profession ATM.
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    What are the type of certifications ask for on the job posting that interest you the most? CISSP is most recommended for all InfoSec positions, especially if you have the professional work experince to get the full certification. CASP+, CySA+, and CCNA CyberOps are good if you planning on working in security operations (SOC, IR) or security administration.
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    I've had my CISSP for 10 years, and have never been in management. Even for technical, hands-on people, it will open doors and attract attention when talking to security roles/hiring managers/recruiters.

    Typically, the track would be to go with CySA+ and then CASP, as you'll almost certainly get some overlap in topics, though I think the CASP approach is more interpretive than hands-on.

    At the end of the day, what do you want to learn? What do you need to move towards where you want to go, job-wise?

    All of the options you listed are good places to sign up for and begin tackling today or tomorrow. (Though I suppose if you're really new to Linux, I'd suggest Linux+ before OSCP.)

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    CISSP easily. CASP is far overshadowed by it.  And OSCP requires a huge amount of skill and is way above CEH.
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    As a holder of the CySA+ and CASP+, I would recommend getting the CySA+ first.  Reason being is that it will have more value from the perspective of understanding how to look for indicators of compromise.  Then I would pursue the CASP+.  I wouldn't necessarily go for the Linux+, instead I would go for the RHCSA.  The main reason is that few companies are looking for the Linux+ cert (though that could change in the future) and the RHCSA is a hands-on cert, which seems to be right up your ally.  As for the CISSP, it is a leadership certification that will most assuredly help you better translate the needs of the business to the security realm which will always be useful, regardless of the level you are at in the organization.
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