Coming back stronger after not passing CRISC exam

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Hello All,

This week I received my official "Not Passed” results for the CRISC exam.
I had attended a 4 day CRISC exam preparation course which was provided by an approved ISACA learning provider whom thought from ISACA approved slides and from official material (CRISC 6th edition course material from ISACA). I also fully reviewed all the 550 QAE bank achieving 80%. I have 8 years in IT risk management experience and have CISSP.

Scaled Score 447:

• 531 - IT Risk Identification
• 486 - IT Risk Assessment
• 413 - Risk Response and Mitigation
• 428 - Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting

My exam experience:
I found the questions ambiguous and contradictory and not what I was expecting. Can anyone share insights experiences how re-approach the exam.


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    @breakfast sorry to hear that, imagine receiving 448 and failing just for two points. That's what happened to me a while back and during the 2nd time, I have received 560. Take it as a grain of salt, and dive into the QADB and Review manual one more time.  I agree CRISC exam could be worded much better. CRISC exam questions are really redundant. My initial thought was god, who are those idiots wrote this exam questions. I had to re-read them at least three times just to understand, what the heck there are asking? My advice is to you concentrate on:
      413 - Risk Response and Mitigation ( retest this topic minimum 3 times)
    428 - Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting ( I would say review this topic, twice) 
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    @promethuschow Congratulations on passing :) Totally agree with you. Thank you for the comments!
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    I took the CRISC more than a few years ago and it's unfortunate to hear that the question pool have not improved. I had hoped it changed when ISACA went from paper to a CBT format.

    I recall that every question needed to really be re-read a few times. The wording was extremely nuanced. I recall spending 1 -2  minutes on each question.  My recollection of the exam was that the questions were almost written to stretch out the topics and because there were so many filler questions - it was re-worded to be more complicated. My main resource was the QAE and I focused primarily on how questions were constructed and how they were worded.

    Good luck on your next try!

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    @breakfast, sorry about the result, however, i would advise you build on your scores using the Q&A towards minimum of 90%

    It is your best bet for the "beasty" CRISC exam

    Better luck next time
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    i just sat CRISC on Dec 2018. I was very nervous towards the exam that I spent at least 2 hours a day read the QAE Books. I did all questions at least 3 times.

    During the exam, I was panicked that if i remembered correctly, i have more than 50% questions that I flagged. The questions were very tricky and seems like intent to confuse the reader, especially to the non-native English speaker like me. I was lucky that time I managed to get through.

    Wish you good luck next time. Please never give up.
    otw to CISM
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    I am currently preparing for the exam and am very nervous about this exam. The questions in the QAE seem unrelated to the study material. I work with about 5 people who have taken the test and only 1 passed - after 3 tries.  
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