Qwest now LabCorp

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Yes, if you have ever had blood work done from these 2 companies, well, you are possibly affected in some aspect...(info sold on black market somewhere out there)

In the back of my mind, yeah, I wanna sue these two companies for "being naive" about IT security, because usually it is lack of funding of IT budgets because they say its too expensive..."Oh, we can wait on that, let's wait till next year for that new budget"...blah blah blah...whose head is on the chopping block now??  (Definitely the current IT staff) Hopefully those IT folks have been documenting this entire time (CYA)...because usually it is the upper mgmt fault in my eyes...I could be wrong, and this is only IMO...what do you think?  should you pursue a lawsuit, quit that company (if you work there), promise yourself to never work there (since they have been breached), or hell, apply for the fired IT staff position??  It's getting old in my eyes...




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