NOC Role if I know what I'd like to do?

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Hi there, I have just started my new role as a NOC Engineer in the big company (more than 3k people). I have graduated in Computer Networks so I have quite a good knowledge about the networking. During my studies I've passed CCENT,CCNA and CCNP Route. I am interested in: networking, linux, Python, automation, AWS. But from all of those I have only good experience in networking. As a NOC I am mainly logging tickets dealing with CUCM, Active Directory etc. So it's everything in one place. I am a kind of a guy who doesn't like to waste the time and that's how I am feeling at this job. Do you know if it's a good role to have on the CV and where to move afterwards? I am not a good programmer at all and I don't like programming but when it comes to automate topologies in GNS3 or writing basic scripts I kinda enjoy it. The old networking with the CLI is dying and I don't which path to follow to be successful and by that I mean to do the interesting/hard/complicated work everyday and be an expert at least in one thing, because now it seems to be a mix of everything and how can I move on while doing everything? You can't be the best in everything. 

I appreciate your contribution. Thanks 
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