Linux exams 103/104 vs 004

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I just built out an ESXI 6.5 host with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Centos7.  I am semi new to Linux and am trying to figure out the best exam route to take.  Can anybody give some input of how I should study for this or which one would be best to study for?


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    I'm thinking of working toward Linux+ myself. 

    From reading around a bit, it sounds like the older test's questions are more straight forward memorization types, while the new test will be from Comptia... implying that its questions will be their standard vague and/or 'Best' answer type questions.    I've taken a bunch of their tests and on the more recent ones, I often found myself struggling to decide what they were actually asking.  

    That alone is enough to push me toward the older tests... but, alas, they expire on October 1st 2019.    I've played with several of the desktop distributions over the years, but not enough to do much without cook booking it with the help of Google.  I'm not sure I have the time and energy to get ready before the October cutoff.

    I think my plan for now will be to study and practice toward the old tests, and if I'm not ready by the cutoff date, just switch over to the newer material.   

    PS:  I believe the newer test ends up being about $100 less than the older tests.
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    Thank you Abrmsgunnr. You just answered my question concerning  which Linux exam to take
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