Significant changes to Cisco Certification process

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Well it looks like Cisco has finally announced an across-the-board revamp of their certification process.

CCNA appears to be base, possibly 100-level, "Specialist" appears to be next as a 200-level, and then Professional and IE at the top as 300-level and 400-level as they have been.  It also looks like they're removed the requirement for prerequisites.

This is the e-mail I received:

Dear TWX:

The evolution of networking technology is driving Cisco’s redesign of our training and certification programs to prepare students, network engineers, and software developers for today’s most critical jobs.

We want to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to grow your career in a transforming technology environment. So we’re making sure you have access to relevant, up-to-date training and certifications that meet today’s business demands.

Our certifications still validate your infrastructure skills with the same high standards we’ve always set—but now with additional customizable options that put you in control of your lifelong learning objectives.

Updates include:

New DevNet training and certifications at associate, specialist, and professional levels
Prerequisites removed for certifications at the associate and professional levels
Continuing education options provided for all
Consolidated and updated CCNA certification
New lifetime tenure for CCIEs maintained over 20 years
Meet your recertification deadlines

If you have started working toward recertification—Keep Going! While all certifications will remain valid through their recertification deadlines, current training and certification exams will retire on February 24, 2020. If you recertify before then, you will be granted the corresponding, newly updated CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certification(s). The last day to test is February 23, 2020.

You can register for our Cisco Community Virtual Event and learn more about these updates and how our program can help you remain marketable, job-ready, and poised for your next career goal by visiting



So now I'm stuck with the unenviable task of deciding whether to pursue my CCNP as-is now, or to wait.  My CCNA expires in late July.  I have been studying like crazy for SWITCH but getting SWITCH, ROUTE, and TSHOOT all passed by February is a tall, tall order indeed, and of course, the training that I've gotten for 300-115 and 300-101 might not apply as directly for whatever Cisco has concocted for the next iteration.


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