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Got a little a surprise today when I started my desktop today >>> 2 FireFox browsers (67.0.1 and 67.0.2). I did not have any issues with cookies when I updated to 67.0.1 but 67.0.2 seems to be a different animal. Exporting/importing bookmarks was a breeze but I have wasted 2 hours trying to get my cookies to work in 67.0.2 without using a sketchy FF add-on. I absolutely hate browser add-ons that aren't made by the parent software creator. Yes, I did an export to html file from .0.1 and then uploaded to .0.2. NO GO on the cookies!!. In Chrome and Brave browser, the import/export process list bookmarks, password, cookies, browsing history and search engines. Firefox only list bookmarks. THAT IS BULLCRAP!!!!  I also tried to backup 0.1 to a json file and then restore it to 0.2. Once again, no positive results.

The supposed location of cookies according the mozilla help and bugzilla is:
users\username\appdata\local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\gibberish\cookies.sqlite >>> cookies.sqlite file was NOT found

However, I did find the file at:
- copied the file to the "local" folder and then ensured that all instances of Firefox were stopped before opening the browser. No cookies for the 67.0.2 browser :(
- copied all of the files in the "gibberish" folder = still nothing.

Does anybody know of any tricks to import cookies without using a browser add-on?

To add insult to injury, my encrypted password file cannot be accessed until Western Digital decides if they want to send me replacement pcb's for the 4TB raid drives that I bbq'ed a couple weeks ago. Never ever ever ever send your drives out for data recovery when they contain a buttload of PII. I could not get the WD tech to understand why I did not want to send my drives to them. PCB replacement is EASY!!

Rant .... FF seems to get crappier with each update. Might start using Brave browser as my primary after I restore all of my cookies.
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    Update - Shutdown PC, had dinner with the wife and rugrats, sipped on a couple Royal Jamaican Ginger Beers........ restarted PC, Firefox ran another update and now all of my cookies are working in 67.0.2. That was absolutely wonky!! But I am glad it is working now.

    Oh yeah, I no longer have to wait on a reply from WD. I found a company that sells pcb for drives. Gonna send my PCB to them so they can transfer the firmware from the dead pcb to the new pcb. As long as one of the drives can be woken up to recover data I will be HAPPY!!!
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    Awesome update! Glad to hear it all worked out for you
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    Funny you bring this up. A month or so ago, all of my FF add-ons stopped working. Gave me a message that they were incompatible or something so I uninstalled it (ublockorigin) and tried to reinstall it and no go. Some strange message about connectivity. I tried another add-on and the same thing. I love FF. I'm forced to use Chrome at work so I installed Chrome and ublockorigin and was on my way. PITA for sure but in the end, FF didn't renew one of their certificates or some damn thing but just like with you. Fired up FF a day later and it was fixed.

    Amazing how these things can really mess with the way we operate.
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    FF is my main browser and it is the only browser that I synch on all devices.

    Chrome is only used for some business related stuff.

    Brave was downloaded after I read about it in a tech article. Nice browser for those who want more control over their  browser environment but I still prefer FF.

    EDGE and IE are only used to download other browsers after the initial OS install and for DoD sites that do not work properly in the other browsers. Microsoft browsers are the SUCK. Yes, I meant to write the sentence like that. 

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