Best Book & Study material for exam????

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I have the Sybex text book and use this site as study material for this exam. Just wondering which book is favoured as the best source of study for this exam? I dont like the MS books they have too much fluff compared to the Sybex books. I use the sybex cd with heaps of practice Qs and nuggets to watch. Has anyone had success with this exam with the Sybex study material?


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    I dont like the MS books they have too much fluff compared to the Sybex books.

    I've heard Syngress books are really good, although I've never read one myself icon_eek.gif

    My personal favourites are CBT Nuggets and MSPress but a practice lab I believe is the best way to study for these exams unless you have hands on experience at work.

    Good luck!
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    The Syngress book for 70-291 is not very book by any stretch. It is filled with errors and mistakes. Even more annoying is the fact that it jumps to a completly different topic, and then back to the orginal topic.

    I give the Syngress 70-291 book 1.5 out of 10 stars. I give the MS Press 70-291 book 1.4 stars and the EC2 70-291 book 1.0 stars. I will say that the Syngress is the best of the three, but that ain't saying much. I have all three books, and i have been going back and forth between them - not the best way to study.

    There is a lot to know for the 70-291 exam. I feel like am about 1/3 ready for the exam and i have been at study for 4 weeks. I will let everyone know how i do.

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    Thats why i like Sybex books as i find them the easiest to read and understand, and not as boring as MS Press. Hopefully Sybex book and heaps of lab practice and work experience will be enough to get me through his exam
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    I have had much success with the MS books on 270 and 290, we will see about the 291 (next friday)
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    So far I've used the Test Out training videos, they were really good, featuring lecture videos, demonstrations, virtual labs, chapter tests (1-15 questions), and 5 practise exams (45 questions easch). 50 hours in total.

    I'm going to supplement with the MS Press book to fill in the blanks and and online cram guide I found. My employer also has tons of CBT's which I don't really like, but I will most likely use the self assesments to gauge my knowledge.
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