New to Site, Studying Net+, have some questions

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Hey all, i have been lurking around in your forums but now finally decided to register. I got my A+ a few months ago and decided to go with the network+ now. I have been studying for a little over a month.

the parts i find most confusing are the WAN/vLAN/RAS protocols

also, i have noticed that different study guides have different opinions on what layer of the OSI model a NIC operates on.

I read somewhere its teh physical, somewhere else said it was data link, and yet another place told me that it was BOTH.

Im using the mike meyers book along with cramsession test questions.

If anyone can direct me to some good notes/etc on WAN/vLAN/RAS specifics/protocols etc or let me know what all i need to know about that stuff for the test it would be tremendously appreciated.



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