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Decided to take up learning Python in-between my CCNA studies seeing as things in the networking field are moving in that direction with regards to network programmability and and whatnot. Wanted to add some extra skill sets to my arsenal and currently reading the Python Crash Course book published by No Starch Press and also doing the online class via Cisco NetAcad for the Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer cert, which is completely free by the way. I'm currently loving both materials as they do an incredible job in start off slow and easing you into other concepts. I used to be afraid of programming but these materials are helping a lot and I notice that Python is much easier to grasp than other languages.

Wanted to know if anyone else is also learning Python and what resources and study methods are you using to learn.
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    I like teamtreehouse.   A very hands on learning approach where they make you use each little bit code you learn before you move on.  Which I like.  Does cost $25/month though... but small price to pay imo if you it makes learning a language more easier and faster.   Otherwise tons of free options out there
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    The best way to learn is to find a problem that you can solve using python. Then use google, forums, etc to make progress. The first iteration probably won't be that great but you will likely surprise yourself with how useful it will be. Then after you have created a project or two classes can help you with the finer points. Cousera hs several great courses that I have taken and thoroughly enjoyed when you are ready. https://www.coursera.org/courses?query=python&
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