More Concerned Questions [OS]

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Does the OS test ask you about windows shortcuts? If so, which shortcuts are the main ones that I should know?

To backup the registry in WIN NT 4, can I just copy the \WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG folder and the \WINNT\PROFILE folder like you would in windows 2000?

Do I have to know anything about service packs for NT 4? For example, NT 4 needs SP 5 to read NTFS 5 partitions?

Thanks for now guys.


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    I had no questions on/or about Service packs and shortcuts...but still useful to know.
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    the service pack question about nt4 and ntfs5 is probably the only one you will get. and it is likely that you could be questioned on how to get to various items, via right-clicking (i believe comptia call it alternate-clicking) and start menu
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