eCPPT / PTP time to complete?

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Those of you who completed the course, how long did it take you to go through the material, as well as prep and take the exam?


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    A few years ago I used to be a network engineer, switched to security and was trying to obtain CISSP, CEH, and PTP at the same time. PTP took me 8-10 months, I wasn't fully grasping concepts, and I bit off too much than I could have chewed. You are way more advanced than I was and have your GPEN, GWAPT, & CPT certs. You should be able to clear it 2-3 months. But you are more capable than any one of our opinions. 
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    Good question. I might squeeze this one in next year after OSCP since my job is making me take that first. Lol first world problems. For me, the eJPT took a casual month, and going off the video content--last time I checked the eCPPT looked about 4x longer than the eJPT. Guesstimating 2-4 months.
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