Passed GCCC

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Passed GCCC with a 91%.  This is my ninth GIAC cert.

 I created two indexes, one with each CSC and another with everything else. I didn’t even touch either index during the exam, just occasionally used the index in the back of book five. 

The test is is very straight forward and more conceptual than most GIAC exams. If you have a decent knowledge of Enterprise Infosec you will be fine. It’s probably a test you could challenge with just a bit of prep. 


  • mjs1104mjs1104 Junior Member Posts: 28Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    Forgot to add, next up for me will be GCTI and then I will have all the major course requirements complete for After that will be the papers and presentations and netwars.... and then the dreaded GSE. 
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    Congratulations on your achievement! 
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    Congratulations! I completed GCCC a few months back and I found it to be the easiest GIAC attempt thus far. I took the exam three weeks after completing the SANS training. 
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    Congrats on the pass.  I'm glad to hear this is an easier test.  I take the GSE lab in October and start this class afterwards.  This and the project management course are the only certs I have left for the MSISE.
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