New. Questions about Vectrus hiring process

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Hi guys,

so i’ve accepted my offer letter the in the beginning of June. I’ve completed my fingerprints. Background check is complete (squeaky clean). Submitted my equip for security clearance last week which is what I am currently waiting on now. 

About how long does it take to be granted your security clearance or interim (whichever comes first). I’ve never had a security clearance so this will be my first time. Just trying to get a rough date of when i’ll most likely get a departure date for CRC once my security clearance is granted.


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    Best answer is, it depends. Someone who has lived their whole life in the same area will typically have it completed faster than a world traveler. You'll know the process is underway when you have your interview and it's really going strong when they're interviewing people you didn't list. How long it takes to make a decision depends on the situation.
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    EANx is right. It really depends on how many rocks they have to look under to get a full picture of your trustworthiness. I did two years overseas with Vectrus and in my case I had my interim (Secret) within a month without an interview and had my full clearance within 4 months. I'm a pretty boring guy though so maybe that's why they never felt the need to talk to me. If you've traveled extensively or married someone or have relatives from another country it's going to be a bit more involved.  
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    @Fulcrum45, once you received your Interim, did you receive a departure date for CRC?
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    @JJ_427 Actually it wasn't till after I finished my medical eval. My interim came in quicker than I could schedule my appointments to see the dentist and doctor. Honestly your interim might prove to be only one of many other possible bottlenecks to getting a CRC date. I've heard of guys waiting a while to get their clearance, pass medical or simply not having a slot open. I waited a month after my last medical eval (already had my clearance at that point) to get a slot to go over. Once they had an opening (they always have openings) they'll call you and ask you for a CRC date which I believe is always on a Saturday. I gave them a date three weeks out so I could put in a proper two week notice and spend another week packing and spending time with the family. 
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    If the claims are true that interims are no longer accepted in the Middle East; then you are probably not going anywhere for a while.

    Take a look a THIS topic to get an idea for current processing times.
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    @mikey88 You might be right. I heard rumblings of this before I left but never knew if it went anywhere. It's going to affect a lot of companies working overseas. 
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    Ok cool. Thanks guys. Now I know what to look forward to as far as time frame. 

    I’ll be an OSP tech in Afghanistan with Vectrus.. So hopefully the wait isn’t too long after I’m granted my clearance.
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