Greetings from Greece

jeremy_dfirjeremy_dfir Member Posts: 23 ■■■□□□□□□□
Hi everyone,

My name is George K. and i live and work in Greece.
I am a digital forensics / incident response guy with a new passion for red teaming.

It seems purple is the new black.

Decided to eventually join to investigate new certifications that are currently on my radar.


  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,025 Admin
    Welcome to the TechExams.Net community!

    What certifications are you interested in? And what does "Purple Team" mean to you? :smile:
  • jeremy_dfirjeremy_dfir Member Posts: 23 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I am first trying to obtain eCIR from eLearnsSecurity and then completely change direction and go for their eCPTX one.

    I have noticed i am "behind" when it comes to some current/advanced Active Directory attacks. This is why i thought of starting some offensive courses, only to better understand the attacks and come up with better detection ways.

    Combining both defensive and offensive courses is what i consider "purple"

    I wish i could go for some advanced software exploitation cert from offensive security as well, but with the new family member etc. i don't feel energized enough
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