Setting up reverse lookup zone to rectify DNS error

kovokovo Member Posts: 122
I get this erro when i type NSLOOKUP.
Cant find server name for address Non-existent domain.
This address is my router. My server IP is
I cant get DHCP addresses for my client pcs, or put them on domain. I have AD running on server
Any ideas??????????


  • Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    Reverse lookup is optional. NSLookup will still work, it just won't be able to give you the FQDN of the DNS server it defaults to.

    As I said in the other thread, you specified 254 as the router. NSLookup saw your TCP/IP stack defaulting to 254 for DNS, so that's what it is defaulting to in sending its queries.

    254 is NOT where you want your DC to go to to register itself or to find itself as a DC in the domain, or even to find the domain itself. Instead, the DC's DNS client should point to .1 (itself) as the rest of the network is doing. For internet name resolution, configure the DNS server's forwarder.
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