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Hey all I'm looking to start OSCP In January and it has been a few years since I last looked into it so I was wondering has there been any great prep classes pop up?  I'm looking to find a class that will give me a great start or baseline before i jump to OSCP.
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    I'm kind of getting the impression it's the same exact OSCP from a few years ago.
    Edit: I was wrong. The actual exam machines are up to date:

    Also targeting January. Or maybe November. I'm prepping with Virtual Hacking Labs (VHL), then probably Hack the Box and possibly the win32 buffer overflow course from Pentesteracademy. 

    After reviewing the PWK course pdf, unless it's changed since 2014, it looks like VHL covered darn near most of what's in PWK, except for maybe buffer overflows and that the VHL network is totally flat, so my pivoting will need work.

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    The easier retired boxes on HackTheBox is the way I did it. Follow along with ippsec's walkthroughs on youtube and make thorough notes.
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