ITIL v3 vs 4, which one?

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My big question is that I plan on taking this in the next few months. My original goal was to take it last year but things got in the way and I had to postpone it all. It is now July and the v4 has been out for a while now. I can't find anywhere of when the v3 was being retired and I wanted to know if it was still worth it or even possible to take the v3 version through the online proctor or if I should just get new study material and work on taking the v4 at this point. I saw the post for Claires new short and sweet study material for v4 (not on amazon yet :(, but I'll have to do with digital if need be) so I'll be able to use that. Is the v4 any more difficult than the v3, should I set aside more time before taking the test?
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    A few points to remember:  the v3 version exam will be retired but you will still be v3/2011 certified.  Also, the study material for v3 is more robust and available at this time, so it makes more sense from a study material perspective to go with v3.  Additionally, the exam will retire early next year, so I would recommend getting v3 before the end of the year.  Lastly, v3 is still in high demand and v4 has barely a nod in the employment space, so your ROI will be great with v3.  As for v4, it isn't necessarily harder, it is just different.  It is more modern, with a shift in focus from the five phases of service management lifecycle to how ITSM integrates with the business.

    Hope this helps...I haven't had enough coffee to be as coherent as I would prefer.

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    Ok awesome, so it seems like I should continue to go with my v3 study and it seems like I found it on the peoplecert test at home site as just ITIL foundation instead of ITIL 4 Foundation so it looks like i'm good there. That's exactly what I was looking for to see how much it held up still compared to the v4 and if it would still be a relevant cert in the next few years which it seems like it should be.

    Definitely coherent enough for me to understand the point you were making! haha, thanks for the help! I will continue with all of my v3 resources and hope to take it in the next few weeks
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