Passed 300-115 SWITCH today

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878 compared to a minimum 790.  Not exactly knocking it out of the park but a pass is a pass.  The important thing is my CCNA R&S, which was set to expire Monday next week, is renewed.

My weakest category was Infrastructure Security.  Not surprising since through luck of the draw I got a disproportionate amount of private vlan and some basic (ie non-implementation) port security multiple-choice questions that delved into areas that I guess I hadn't reviewed enough.  I'd have done better in that category if I'd had to do implementations.

I was in the mid to high eighties on L2 technologies and Infrastructure Services.  I guess my spanning-tree knowledge, VLAN knowledge, trunking knowledge, and etherchannel knowledge is good, but I deal with that stuff at work all of the time so it makes sense that I'd be good with those.  I must've done better with VTP than I expected to given that I've literally only ever used it in study-prep. 

Either way, I've already been through the ROUTE Learning Partner curriculum as we had some Cisco credits to burn before they expired, recently enough that I can audit at no cost and go through it again.  I don't find it to be especially valuable as the weeklong course feels more like reviewing the table of contents for the subjects of the exam than going into the meat for configurations and basic practices, we'll see if while studying it feels like it's going well enough to make a try for it by say, October.  If I can pass in October then I'll have four months to study hard for TSHOOT.  If I fail it then I'll probably just leave off and go for CCNP after the major switchover in February.


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    Hey TWX i somehow missed this post! Congrats on the pass, i will be taking the exam on 23rd (thinking of bringing forward still unsure)

    Good luck with the ROUTE 6months to go! :D
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    I failed ROUTE and TSHOOT once each before passing on my second try a week later.  If it comes down to it and you only have TSHOOT left and you fail it, then it might be worth it to study up on the things you were week on and retake the exam.  If you have time might as well knock it instead of waiting for the new tests.
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