Question re which CBT to use for the SSCP

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Hi everyone.  I'm interested in studying for the SSCP. My company offers CBT courses for CISSP and Security+, but not SSCP - similar to what's available on infosec.  I would like to use the resources available through my company, especially since my managers have visibility to the courses I complete.  My question is which one should I use to help me prepare?  I'm confused by this and haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer. I've been out of the certification game for a little while.  My last experience was passing the security+ exeam in 2011 (now expired) and failing the CCNA in 2012.  After that I stopped and had find work.  I have been working in tech support and identity and access management for the past five years and was recently promoted to security analyst. I would like to get back into studying for the SSCP and eventually get my CISSP.  Thanks for any help you guys can provide.  Again, I'm trying to figure out which CBT from the ones I have available through my employer would be best for studying for the SSCP.  Thanks.
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