Any study tips for Network+?

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I bought CompTia Network+ Certification Study Guide Seventh Edition (Exam N10-007) (Mc Graw Hill). I plan on taking notes and making flash cards.

Let me know of any study methods you use that helped pass the Network+ exam.
Or any websites you use to help you pass the Network+


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    Anything CompTIA related I go to the good professor himself: Professor Messer. He kinda breezes through the videos but what I really like about his site are his study notes. They're $20 but I found it to be a worthy investment. You wont replace your study guide with it but its 66 pages of condensed notes you can take with you anywhere and glance over in your free moments. Presumably I can post a link w/o it getting flagged:
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    Try to get some type of lab going.
    IT pro TV , CBT Nuggets, and Testout have labs.   Trying doing a trial of each and see which one you like best.  

    What worked for me..
    I would study, take notes, and lab.

    Once you finish your main book you should pick up Exam Cram for Network+  This book has a good chuck of info.  Also, there is a pull out cram sheet for the network+

    Once I'm done with the labs and books, I knew it was time to pick a practice test.

    I picked Measure up as my practice test.  I made sure I could answer all of the questions. before scheduling the test.  (There are 205 questions)I would start with the minimum amount of questions, and make notes cards for the ones I missed   I would keep increasing the questions, until I could answer 80-90% of the 205 questions.
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    I picked Measure up as my practice test.
    MeasureUp has the best practice exams on the market, well worth the cost of admission!
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