Linux dual boot ?

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So i just recently learned how to format a usb drive to make it boot-able, i have linux on it and went into my BIOS and set it to ware it boot from the usb. So the boot process occurs and takes me to a black screen that says choose to install / run without installing and something else, but whichever option i choose it just repeats and goes back to the same listing of options, iv tried this 3 times and no luck, any advice, this is way beyond my short skill set.


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    Any info on the machine you're trying to run it on? What distro are you using? How did you make the ISO into a bootable media on the USB?
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    Few things that might work:
    • Plug into a different USB slot, maybe the side on the right instead of the side on the left/vice versa
    • If plugging into a USB3 slot, try a USB2 port instead
    • Try using a USB2 stick if using a USB3 stick now
    • Try to put different Linux distro on the USB -- if it doesn't like Ubuntu Gnome, format Mint or something else onto the USB
    • Pull the hard drive out completely and see if will let you boot into the Linux USB
    • Try formatting an SD card and booting from that instead of the USB. This will work too if your laptop has an sd card slot

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