Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) Cybersecurity

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Has anyone gone through the verified certification track for MPP Cybersecurity? If so, what did you think?


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    Link to the program you are referencing? 
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    Thanks NetworkNewb, that is accurate.
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    this looks good and it's free (almost)

    How much will this cost?
    You must purchase Verified Certificates from as proof of the successful completion of courses in the Microsoft Professional Program. The cost for Verified Certificates varies by course. The prices are published in the course information on the edX site. You may always audit the course for free on, but "audit mode" does not provide MPP credit. Pricing is subject to change. Additional charges may apply.

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    I signed up for "Microsoft Azure Security Services" part of the program. Will let you know! (I didn't pay, I don't want a verified cert at this point)

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    Was wondering if anyone has completed the verified certification track for this course. Curious to know how the course exam modules are formatted/work.
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    I  wish I had time to go through these courses. 100 hours? my guess. I need to devote that time to learning other things. Nice find though.
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    Microsoft has decided to retire the Microsoft Professional Program. 
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    All is not lost, they migrated to Microsoft Learn

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