Building USB pentesting devices

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Hello folks,

Does InfoSec already have a tool for this?

I am looking to build USB pentesting devices for my company.  Just looking for a script to pit on a flash drive that would send me an email that the device has been inserted.  I presume I am going to lose half of these devices and don't feel like paying $45 each for them.  While Hak5 makes a good product I am betting people will just reformat them or some will get run over in the parking lot. 

Any help would be appreciated.   



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    Do you centrally collect endpoint logs? We don't want to execute anything on the machines so we FDISK the sticks and easily track insertions by grabbing the USB device ID and building alerts that fire off based on event ID 2003, 2004 and a few others. 
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    Hmmm. That seems like a much better idea than the off-the-shelf solution I had in mind.  Thank you!

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