Passed GPEN 90%

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Haven't seen anyone post on this for a while. 

Took this class back in late February as part of work study. This class provides a real solid foundation for other classes. I wish I would have taken it sooner. 

Practice tests and actual test had 75 questions and 7 labs. The labs were very similar to the ones from class. 

Practice Test 1- 93%
Practice Test 2- 89%
Actual Test- 90%

Just an FYI to everyone, Prometric/PearsonVue which ever one GIAC requires has done an update to their testing software or the testing center I went to messed something up big time. The login/loading from the test screen was taking 30-45 mins to load the exam. I actually ended up sitting there waiting it out for 90 mins before the exam would load as we tried 3 different machines. They were turning people away that came later. After the exam loaded the performance was normal. I'm guessing they will get this sorted out but if you are taking a test in the next week or so I'd call my testing center to see if they are having issues. It was a disaster. 

Up next will be the wonderful MGT 525/GCPM at SANS Network Security in Sept. 



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    First, congratulations on doing so well on the GPEN!

    Re: Pearson SNAFU, I went through something similar 5 or 6 years when I took the Security+ exam. The proctor at the center didn't know what to do, so he called tech support, and they kept asking me if I just wanted to postpone my exam. My test did finally start back up, 30 minutes late, and that included losing 30 minutes on the timer. I refused to take the test, because I didn't want to lose that much time. I finally made them understand that their system was at fault and convinced them to reschedule my exam. I took it a week later at a different test center and passed with no problems. No problems at yet another test center when I took the SSCP.
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    I've taken a bunch of tests here so I'm not sure what happened. I was just calling this out incase someone was taking something this week or next. Might want to call ahead and see how things are going. They were blaming it on an update. Who knows though. 
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    See you Vegas! Congrats!!
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    See you Vegas! Congrats!!
    Which class are you taking? 
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    Thank you! 
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    markmorow said:
    See you Vegas! Congrats!!
    Which class are you taking? 
    Most likely FOR526, Memory Forensics, again. It got a new refresh and I haven't taken it since 2015. So lots of new content! 
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    Great job on the pass and making it to the advisory council/board.
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    Oh wow so GPEN has labs now! I guess we can add that one to the list. Maybe one day I can sit for the exam. 
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