failed the linux essentials practice exam...but...

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So I finally paid for the linuxacademy subscription after a year of free loading.  I have been on the fence about going full force into this linux thing.  I have finally decided it wont hurt.  Now, I only recently covered the last half of the course and just took the test anyway.  68% (48/71) is what I calculated.  How close am I to passing the actual exam?  And yes, I am going to go back and cover all materials.
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    According to LPI's FAQ page:

    As of April 1, 2009, all exam weights for LPIC exams have been standardized to 60 weights.

    Each LPI exam is ranked on a scale from 200 to 800, with a passing score of 500. Since exam questions vary in difficulty, the number of correct answers required to reach the passing score of 500 will depend on the exact combination of questions on the exam you write. For security purposes, candidates are not always given the same questions as one another for a particular exam. The exact passing score is based on our psychometric studies to ensure all exams have a consistent level of difficulty.

    The number of questions on the exam is also tied to the total of the weights of the objectives on the exam. With a total weight count of 60, the exam will have 60 questions. For each weighting, there will be one question. For example, if an objective has a weight of 4, there will be 4 questions on the exam related to the objective.

    It looks like they weight individual questions differently, so there's not really a "number of questions you need to answer correct" in order to pass the exam. A common strategy is to shoot for >90% on multiple different practice exams before attempting the real one. That usually gives you enough of a buffer to make a few more mistakes on the real exam and still safely pass.

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    It's hard to say.  I usually just follow my study plan and then take the practice exams.  After I take the practice exams I review all of the questions, answers, and explanation.  If I notice that I'm not strong on a certain topic, I will go back and review that area.  However, ultimately I will usually end up taking the test even if I failed a practice exam.  I'm not the type of person that will continually retake practice exams just to get above a 90%.  
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    I agree with Infosec_Sam, it's better to take multiple exams from different sources attempt to average a 90% or higher pass rate. That'll give you a good buffer to go into the exam confidently. Additionally, lab every day.
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    When working through tests, take note of topics you are not strong in. Study ( and try some hands-on examples to help you understand.

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    I've taken the actual exam twice now and bombed both times.  I'm not eligible to take it again, but I'll resume studies in September.  One of those exams that just gets the best of me.  Make sure you know your commands and scripting.
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    @coreyb80 how long until your eligible again?
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