Passed CISSP today on 1st attempt - credit to Larry Greenblatt and his material

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I feel very fortunate that I provisionally passed my CISSP today.  I had a voucher that expires tomorrow, so I decided to take it thinking that I would fail. I had taken a course a year ago, but I didn't think it was that great (and don't remember that much).  I didn't really have time to study but I have completed several SANS courses this year.  

Some people had recommended Larry Greenblatt's youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLYbFtS7G9E

I watched this video and thought it was very helpful.  So I explored his website and found that one can purchase a recording of his course for $99. I did that, but only had time to watch 1 day of his course due to other time commitments - but thought it was very good.  He has 100 practice test questions and one can purchase a personal exam review package of these practice test questions - which I did.  I reviewed these questions with him two days ago - I think I only got about half of them right (I didn't count), but going the answers with him, I started to understand how I was selecting the wrong answer.  

So I didn't have much time to prepare and was very surprised and happy to pass.  The exam had many questions which I was unsure of and I tried to use what I learned from Larry to answer.  Frankly, I am very surprised I passed, but very happy.

Whether or not, you purchase any of his material, I highly recommend watching his video.

I only managed to read 1 chapter of the Sybex book and take 1 practice quiz with the online material from Sybex.  I have only been in the Information Security related fields for about 6 years and most of what I do is completely unrelated to the CISSP material.  The SANS courses did help for the technical questions as well as my software development background and project management experience.

Good luck to all!


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    Congrats! Yea I watched some of his videos as well and he does a good breakdown of questions and how to approach them. 
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