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Morning Guys, 

Working on my ICND 200-105. Once I have that complete, I am going to start on my CompTIA Linux+. 

One of the guys at work has mentioned Arch Linux, which I have had a dabble with. Would this be a good study tool for Linux+ or should I focus more on a standard distro like Ubuntu? 



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    Honestly I'd stick with Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE, or Red Hat. Stick to more mainstream distros that you're likely to find in use in a corporate environment. 
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    Probably not because Arch uses pacman for package management and I bet Linux+ sticks with Debian's apt (or maybe Red Hat's yum). So it will make your learning experience more complex than it needs to be when you memorize commands for the multiple choice exam.
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    Great, Thanks Guys. Duly noted. 
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    Just stick with Red Hat or Debian based OS'
    The Linux+ exam does not use Arch commands or their "standards"
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    yoba222 said:
    Probably not because Arch uses pacman for package management and I bet Linux+ sticks with Debian's apt (or maybe Red Hat's yum). 
    It goes into both: yum and apt. Mostly sticks to RedHat and Debian derivatives.
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    Is this going to be a VM or on actual hardware?
    I only use ARCH on hardware and everything else is a VM. Your gonna need a APT and YUM based VM ( I don't remember seeing OpenSuse's zypper on there). That's what I did.
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