GCIA pass!

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Without a doubt this test is the hardest for a reason. I managed to finish the exam without about 10 minutes left and I was left trembling at the end. I highly recommend taking a binary to hex sheet and understand where each packet begins and ends. The practice test give you a good idea of what to expect for the packet dissection. I spent about a month playing around with the labs repeatedly and getting really comfortable with the tools. Even then I wasn't sure if that was enough. The labs in the book point you in the right direction with answering the question but you really have to be creative to find the answer. Tabbing out each book and both the SANs tri fold packets helped considerably. The 15 minute break helped me regroup and get me back in a positive mindset. There's plenty of time to finish the 96 multiple questions but pace yourself accordingly. Now it's time for me to tackle CISM. 


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