Totally new, my first cert (GCFA)

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im going to take my first cert, GIAC-GCFA.
so i took the course and made my index, and i still figuring out if GCFA has any bank question to go over and memorized. 
does any of you took GIAC and used any bank question, its worth that?

thank you all in advanced. 


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    GIAC tests don't really work with random 3rd party question banks. The only authoritative sources are the class and the two practice tests that you will get when you purchase the exam. 

    My process for GIAC exams is as follows.
    • Take a break after the class and forget about the material. Mind needs to breath
    • Revisit books and start crafting index
    • Augment knowledge in any areas where I may be struggling
    • Revise index
    • Take one practice test
    • Revisit weak areas
    • Tweak index
    • Take second practice test
    • Final index revision
    • Take real tests
    I overthink things and over study so this may take anywhere from 2-4 months. YMMV.

    Finally see feedback other have posted here such as:
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    Thanks cyberguypr !
    Very helpful info.
    if anyone else did it with any bank question, please advise.

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    GIAC certs aren't achieved by grinding "bank questions" and memorizing answers. 

    Read the books, practice the labs, and follow the process cyberguypr outlined above.
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    You study. Make your index as you study and take the first practice test. See where your weak areas are and how your index helped/didn't help you and build upon the index, study weak areas and take the second exam. 

    Good luck finding a test bank. GIAC switches their tests up often enough for anything to be invalid once you get there. 

    Learn it. Put the effort in and learn it. 
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    I feel sad when people want question banks or other such things. You gotta learn it.

    GCFA was my first SANS course and cert last year. Know what you're doing with the tools and why you're doing them. What are you looking for with this tool or command? Why does it matter to you in your investigation? If things click at that level, you'll do fine.

    If you're struggling, re-do the labs. Slow down, think about the what and why. If there are multiple tools or ways to carve out information you need for that lab, do it both ways, twice.

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