Open End Contracts - US (questions)

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Couple of questions

Why are these used.  Most of the time I see 1 year contract, most of the time they honor that unless budget is cut or something financial.  Even when resources are bad they usually hang out for the duration and then aren't re upped.  

Why do companies use open ended?  Or what reason(S)

Signs that the contract maybe coming to an end?  

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.  


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    One of the benefits the company had during the one time I was hired on contract was they didn't have to worry about ever giving me a raise, a bonus, or even performance reviews even though I worked alongside full hires that were doing essentially identical work. So maybe it's that.
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    @yoba222 -  Sounds like a possibility!
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    I read somewhere that if a company starts cutting things like free coffee, it’s a sign that layoffs might be on the horizon.  I’m not sure if it necessarily would apply to open-ended contracts.

    I’d imagine a lack of work would be another indication.
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