Introducing Myself After Three Years

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Hello all, I joined TechExams over three years ago and did absolutely nothing here.  Now I'm halfway through an mostyl onlilne AAS in Cyber Security and want to get the Security+ certification to gain employment in the field.  I live by the Patuxent River Naval Base and any IT job here requires it.  I've completed the college course on Sec+ and all I learned was how ill equiped college courses are to teach these classes.  My study plan for certification uses the Pearson biik and test questions, but I would like to find some hands on virtual labs if they exist. So far I have not been able to find any.
I would be grateful for any thougts, sugggestions, advice, or other resource the community would like to share.  Looking forward to contributing and learning.
Respectfully,  Robert


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    Virtual labs are okay, if you can't afford a real lab. My advice? Save a lab. Depending on exactly what you mean by lab (as in network, or perhaps cloud), Microsoft has plenty of virtual labs.

    Example, here are 155 labs:

    Good luck!

    -MrNetTek at your service-
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