Looking for insight on CRISC Exam

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Hey all,

I Passed the PMP on March 23, 2018 and I wrote an extensive review of my study and testing experience.  I encourage anyone to read if they're interested in the PMP. 

I'm looking for similar input that would give me some idea of what to expect for the CRISC exam.

15-years of information assurance experience, both Federal and DoD.  Had CAP and Security+, but now I have CISM (2015).

Finished a graduate class in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and the IT Risk Management Life Cycle concept is easy to wrap my head around.

I have the 6th Edition of the Review Manual and will get the DB questions next month.

1. How technical is the exam?
- I see a lot of different technologies, particularly when identifying risks, but at what level do I need to be familiar with them?
- Am I going to be asked to 

2. Are the questions predominately phrased a certain way?
- As in, for the PMP, questions were mostly scenario based and often started with, "Your the PM and (situation), what do you do next?"

3. Pareto Principle (80/20)
- If you had to read the book again, where would you spend 80% of your time/effort on what 20% of the review manual? (i.e. Vocab, Processes, and Charts)

Any insights you guys might have about your studying/testing experience would be greatly appreciated!



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