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Hi I am new here and to the tech world. I am looking to start a career in tech. From what I gather I would like to do network support/help desk (internal) for companies starting off. I have no real experience I’m a novice and looking to start with career academy. Any advice on taking this path? What certs I should start with any must haves? Any other good websites that I can gather more information from? 


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    @catrhodes20 I would check out networkchuck on youtube, there's a buncha info I got from him and some others. I, myself am new to the forum and have little IT experience but from what I have learned through reddit/google/youtube (and anyone can correct me if I'm wrong) you should start with a CCNA or CompTia Network +. I think the Network+ is better to start with if you have little to no experience. I'm not sure what your goal is and what you mean by "...I would like to do network support/help desk (internal) for companies starting off." I think if you could elaborate a little more as to your end goal it would help me and others better advise. I'm looking to get into cyber security with the end goal being management(for now, life changes on a daily basis) and I know it'll be long road and I'm trying to figure where to start lol. I hope this helps.

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    Welcome! I'm also a newbie here and pretty new to the tech world. So, this info is useful for me too. Thanks for sharing, markvb!
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