ITIL Master v4 Certification Path

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My organization is starting to push the ITIL framework lately, so I wanted to look into some advanced training.  I already earned the ITIL Foundation v3 certification and was looking into higher courses and certification.

Since ITIL v4 is technically out, and ITIL Practitioner v3 certification will end in June 2020, I wanted to see the new ITIL v4 model.  Information on ITILv4 is a bit confusing right now, so I tried to compile information into one graphic:

As of August 2019

It seems to not be worth starting ITIL Intermediate / Practitioner courses if you can't get all 17 credits by June 2020.  There doesn't seem to be a partial credit transition from ITIL Intermediate v3 to ITIL Managing Professional.  So I'm personally waiting for the new ITIL Specialist/Strategist courses & certifications to come out early next year.
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