Itprotv or Linux Academy

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currently using Linux Academy but thinking about itprotv. Anybody use itprotv ?


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    I can't speak to either of those, but the general sentiment I've heard about them is pretty good, so I'm sure either one would get the job done. If you're looking for other alternatives, Infosec just released our Skills platform earlier this year, and we've already got a pretty sizable content library.

    Depending on your proficiency with Linux, we might have what you're looking for in that regard as well. There's a Linux Fundamentals learning path that goes over configuration, management and troubleshooting, as well as a hands-on Cyber Range where you can practice your skills on a VM. Further than that, I know we have a Linux+ path in the works, but no solid release date on that yet.

    I'm curious to see what others think are good resources for learning higher-level Linux topics! I'd love to get started on the Linux+ and eventually move onto the Red Hat certs, so I'm eager to get some more opinions on what people think are useful.
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