Study Server 2016 from Server 2012 Textbook by William Panek

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I was just wondering if it's still okay to study the Server 2016 Course from Server 2012 Textbook by William Panek. Pease Advise


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    Short answer is no. Long answer is you could print out the exam objectives for both exams and compare. Then study for 2016 topics elsewhere. 
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  • amainiamaini Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
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    that is a very reasonable response. i already have the server 2012 R2 book and the new book is very expensive 100$.
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    When doing the 2016 there were lots of topics that overlapped. However there are always new things that are going to be hard to understand with the wrong material.

    My suggestion if cost is an issue would be to first read the 2012 book then use online free sources to study for the exam.
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    Another cost-saving method is to try your public library for the physical book or an electronic edition of the book.
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