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Hey all,

Recently got the opportunity for some free Palo Alto Networks training and a voucher to take the PCNSA.  I've worked with this platform quite a bit and am familiar.  Upon taking the PCNSA I have to say I'm impressed with Palo Alto Networks new test and career path.  I took their ACE a few hours ago but it was less than impressive and the content to study for it was lacking and in some cases non-existent. 

Before the PCNSA there was only the ACE (which was a free test online) and the PCNSE -- which was a solid test but very scattered in my opinion.  Now Palo Alto Networks has a more normal certification path with the Cyber Security Associate, The Security Administrator, and the Security Engineer.


Now that I have the PCNSA I would like to attempt to study for the PCNSE as I think their tests and the quality of their material has gotten a lot better.  I actually felt like I could find enough content to study for the PCNSA and I'm curious to see how the PCNSE is now that they've re-aligned their certification path.


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    Thx for sharing, congrats
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